Joining Workout my credit solutions was the best choice I’ve made this year . I started in the 400’s with my credit and I’m now at a 706 ready to buy a home. Best thing is it only took 4 months to get to that score. Prices are affordable and worth it . I will refer my family and friends as well. This young lady was professional through out the whole program . I thank you and I’ll highly recommend you to anyone who needs they credit fixed or to build credit . Thank u Nicole"

Adrianna McDonaldCustomerGoogle Verified

 Nicole is like having magic fingers. She truly gets the job done fast and efficient. I was referred by a friend who completed her program in 3 months . She was able to remove student loans and collections from my friend reports. So I gave her a try & man am I impressed :) I'm so happy I was able to use her services. She got 17 collections and a few inquries deleted off my reports. Thanks to her I'm now looking at a 761 credit score. I highly recommend her and her services. Thank u again Nicole really appreciate you & I'm glad I met you."

Nate RodgersCustomerGoogle Verified

 My experience with Nicole Brown has been a blessing for me. I would have never thought I could get my credit fix and repair as fast as did. She did her thing and she’s very professional with it all. You will not be disappointed with the out come of your credit when she’s done. Nicole brown I want to thank you again for my repaired credit and my new home you are the best one yet and i will keep sending everyone I run into to you for sure. The sky is the limit and may god continue to bless you and your family..MUCH LOVE❤️"

Barbara DykesCustomerGoogle Verified

 Workout My Credit is a company that stands by its word; The prices are reasonable, I saw results super fast, and items dropped off of that I didn’t even expect to! They respond super fast to any questions and concerns and they’re very knowledgeable about the credit business. I feel a sense of comfort knowing that I don’t have a dark cloud of debt over my head anymore!"

Dani WCustomerGoogle Verified

 I love Nicole work she is so inspiring l look forward to working with her to help me with my first home as well, She helped me build my credit & within 2 months I'm in the 700s club already. She's so professional and responds back within a reasonable time, I highly recommend her if you next a credit build or did fix."

Fatima HillCustomerGoogle Verified

 Omg !! Nicole is beyond the best. She was able to remove 5 accounts of student loans and 4 collections from my credit reports . My scores were very very low like in the 400’s . I’m now looking at a 645 , 603 , 678 credit scores. I started the program in June 2020 . She’s amazing you won’t regret it. Amazing services and excellent customer service."

Mellisa DanielaCustomerGoogle Verified

 Becoming a member of workout my credit solutions was one of the best things I could ever do watching my credits scores increase went from being denied to being approved with low interest rates Want to take the time to proud client."

Attiyana McdanielsCustomerGoogle Verified

 Nicole is thee absolute best! She communicate with you and she want to genuinely help you."

Wanda ElamCustomerGoogle Verified

 Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value"

Nicole SmithCustomerGoogle Verified

 I started with Nicole in May 2020 , I wanted to support her business and get my credit fixed all at the same time. I started off with a bad credit score of 531. In 2 months she was able to get my scores up in the 700's. I'm now looking at a score of 770. When I woke up that morning all I could say is WOW this is awesome , I'm now pre-approved for a mortgage loan and ready to buy my first home. Thanks to Nicole"


 Nicole Is the Best .I was referred to her by a auto dealership and I had 8 collections on my account she was able to get all 8 deleted from my report in 3 months , I was sitting at a 496 credit score and my score now is 645, I'm currently building my credit so I can reach my goal score which is in the 700 range. I will highly recommend her and her services . She communicated with me through the the process and I felt comfortable. On top of that it was so fast !!!"

Latoya W.Customer

 Yesssssssssssssssssss i am so freaking hype right now thank you thank you thank you sooooooooooo much hugs hugs hugs you is the bomb . (Removed all 6 student loans off my credit report.)"